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We are extremely passionate about everything digital marketing and even more passionate about helping others to understand and utilise the latest digital marketing techniques. Our digital marketing blog enables us to let our hair down and write from the heart on industry news topics and give free hints and tips on how to improve your own digital marketing.

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Michael is the founder and managing director of Improve Position with a strong background in both web development and technical SEO. His enthusiasm shines through with his passion to help others understand and succeed in the world of online business marketing.

how long does it take for seo to work

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

For many, measuring SEO is something way out of their comfort zone. While recognising it’s needed for their website and business success, the million-dollar question is usually “how long does it take for SEO to work?”. But, thanks to a whole host of variables, there’s no definitive answer. However, if you’re looking into SEO, this…
how does link building help seo

How Does Link Building Help SEO?

Every online business out there should know the basics of building quality external links for search engine optimisation (SEO) to boost visibility while increasing sales and sector authority. But many business owners are still unsure about the terminology and how to do this so are always asking ‘how does link building help SEO’? It’s always…
Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking For WooCommerce

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking For WooCommerce

If you’re running a website for your business, Google Analytics is the best website analytics tool available, with detailed reports telling you how well it’s performing. And, if you run an eCommerce website, thanks to the advanced Google Analytics eCommerce tracking features that you can set up, it becomes an even more powerful tool. In…
20 Best Apps For Digital Marketing Professionals

20 Best Apps For Digital Marketing Professionals

The world of digital marketing is growing and changing all the time, so it’s essential you have the right tools to keep your company up to date and ahead of your competition. But it’s not just about using the right tools, it’s about using the best tools.  Fortunately, there’s no shortage of cross-platform apps for…
how to create an email account in cpanel

How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

In this article, I will take you through the quick and easy steps of how to create an email account in CPanel. What Is CPanel? CPanel is the most widely used hosting control panel platform out there. If you have your own website, then there is a high chance that your web hosting runs on…
how to add google webmaster tools to wordpress

How To Add Google Webmaster Tools To WordPress

Google Search Console, formally Google Webmaster Tools, is a fantastic tool that no website owner should be without. But, do you know how to add Google Webmaster Tools to WordPress? In this article, I will show you two ways that you can easily and quickly add it to a WordPress website. What Is Google Webmaster…
what is domain authority in seo

What Is Domain Authority In SEO?

There are hundreds of factors that influence the success of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, and one of them is Domain Authority. But, what is Domain Authority in SEO? Well, in this article, we will explain what Domain Authority is, how it is calculated and how you can use it to increase the success of…
how to setup 301 redirects in wordpress

How To Setup 301 Redirects In WordPress

In this article, I have recorded a video to show you how to set up 301 redirects in WordPress using two of my favourite WordPress plugins: Yoast SEO Premium and Redirection. There will be times when you need to redirect visitors to a different page of your WordPress site when they visit certain posts or…

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