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How To Get Backlinks Indexed Faster In Google

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    As a business owner, you already know that backlinks on your website are essential for improving your Google search rankings. But it can be frustrating to put in all the effort of creating great content and having other high-ranking sites linking back to yours, yet seeing slow, if any, backlink indexing results from Google.

    The problem with slow backlink indexing is that it delays the impact of your best SEO efforts. The longer it takes for Google to index backlinks, the longer it takes for your website to benefit from them.

    In this blog, we’ll explore how to get your backlinks indexed faster in Google – from using the reach of social media platforms to the power of Google’s own tools – so you have all the info you need to improve your SEO and boost your search rankings.

    Backlinks, also known as ‘incoming links’ or ‘inbound links’, go from one website to a page on a different website – hopefully yours. Google and other search engines consider good backlinks as a kind of ‘confidence vote’ for another website or specific web page. 

    The more high-quality backlinks your website has pointing to it, the more favourably it will be seen by search engine algorithms, potentially giving you higher search rankings. But it’s not just the quantity of backlinks you have – the quality of the backlink and its relevance to the content on the website are also crucial factors in determining its value.

    Including authoritative tier-one and tier-two backlinks is integral to any SEO strategy and your website’s success. They can significantly impact its visibility and traffic, giving your website an organic boost in search results rankings. To find out more about this, see this article: how does link building help SEO?

    Backlinks indexing or link indexing is the process Google and other search engines use to discover and add backlinks pointing to your website to their search indexes. When Google crawls a website, it will follow any links to other pages or external websites, including links pointing to your website.

    But Google often isn’t as thorough as it likes to make out. Backlink indexing can take time, anywhere from just a few minutes to a few months – and anything in between. Sometimes backlinks may not be indexed at all, even if they’re high-quality and relevant. 

    These issues are why getting your backlinks indexed faster whenever you can is so important. By speeding up the indexing process, you can ensure search engines recognise your backlinks faster to help improve your rankings and visibility. You can start to do this by improving your backlink profile.

    Improving your backlink profile is essential for ranking higher and gaining better online visibility. Here are just a few easy tips to improve your profile and make it easier to get those all-important backlinks you need:

    A backlink audit is a surefire way to uncover all the good and bad backlinks currently pointing to your site. You can then keep the good ones and remove (or ‘disavow’) any bad, spammy, or toxic links that could affect your SEO. You can do this using SEO tools or having an SEO specialist like Improve Position do it for you as part of a larger SEO strategy.  

    Create High-Quality Content

    Web pages or blogs that provide valuable, engaging, and shareable content should be your first step in building quality backlinks. The more in-depth and helpful your content is, the more likely other websites will want to link to it.

    Start Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is a great way to get your content to a whole new audience and build backlinks to your website. Reach out to high authority sites related to your industry and offer to write a guest post for them in exchange for a backlink. You might even be able to add one or two links back to your own website.

    Contact your clients and customers

    Contacting clients or customers you’ve worked with in the past is a straightforward way to build your backlink profile, particularly if you’re a service business. Reach out and ask them to add a backlink to your site. And doing the same for them can help strengthen your partnership.

    As we said, Google can be slow in getting links indexed sometimes. But, just because a backlink exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been indexed. For a backlink to positively impact your SEO, it must be indexed by search engines so they can recognise and assess the link and factor it into their ranking algorithms. 

    You can manually check some of them by using a standard Google search. Find the backlink you want to check, copy and paste it into Google, hit search, and see what results you get. If the backlink appears in the results, it’s already been indexed. If it doesn’t appear, it hasn’t been indexed yet. 

    This method may be OK for checking a handful of specific backlinks, but if your site is older or you know you’ll have a lot of backlinks, this process can be part of a larger SEO strategy.

    Getting your backlinks indexed by Google faster is vital if you want to see the SEO benefits sooner rather than later. Here are some practical indexing methods to get your backlinks indexed quickly:

    Submit Your URL To Google Search Console

    As Google’s own impressive and completely free service, Google Search Console (GSC, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) should be your first option to index backlinks fast using their URL inspection tool. As the site owner, you can also use GSC to monitor backlinks and identify any issues preventing Google indexing them. Learn more about how to add Google Search Console to your website to request indexing of your content and help Google index backlinks faster.

    Use An Indexing Service

    One option is to use an automated link indexing service to remove the pain of doing it yourself. These backlink indexer tools can be offered as both a paid service and a free indexing service, though the paid options usually come with a guarantee and use different methods to get your backlink indexed fast.

    Invest In A Quality SEO Tool

    Quality SEO tools from Ahrefs or SEMrush can be a worthwhile investment to help you track all your backlinks and, like GSC, identify any issues that might be causing them not to be indexed. These tools can also help you find high-quality backlink opportunities as part of a link building campaign.

    If your first-tier backlinks aren’t getting indexed, building second-tier backlinks to those pages can help. Second-tier backlinks can improve the authority of your primary backlinks and boost the chances of getting backlinks indexed fast.

    Post Backlink URLs On Social Media

    Sharing links on social media can help increase their visibility and alert search engines to crawl and index them more quickly. If you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or have a YouTube channel or any other social networking websites, get sharing for maximum impact.

    Typically, a backlink can take anywhere between a matter of minutes or hours, to weeks or months to be indexed. And, in some worse cases, some backlinks may never get indexed. This is why it is important to have a procedure in place to monitor your backlinks and ensure as many of them are indexed as possible.

    Building links is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy, helping to improve your website’s authority and visibility in search engine results. But it’s important to ensure that any backlinks are gained correctly, as low-quality links from spammy platforms can harm your website’s ranking. That’s where Improve Position comes in. 

    With our expertise and experience in link building, we know how to correctly build links and get the high-quality backlinks you need to boost your SEO. We only use white-hat techniques to get new backlinks from websites with real authority, naturally and organically, so your website can take advantage of all the benefits without risking any search engine penalties. 

    We’re results-driven and focus on quality over quantity to set us apart from other SEO agencies to ensure you receive the best boost in SEO you can get. For more information and to learn more about our link building process, book your free 30-minute consultation with us to get started.

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