20 Best Apps For Digital Marketing Professionals

20 Best Apps For Digital Marketing Professionals

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    The world of digital marketing is growing and changing all the time, so it’s essential you have the right tools to keep your company up to date and ahead of your competition. But it’s not just about using the right tools, it’s about using the best tools. 

    Fortunately, there’s no shortage of cross-platform apps for every device out there, doing the hard work for you in the office or on the move. Here’s our pick – in no particular order – of 20 of the best digital apps every digital marketing pro needs.

    Free & Paid-Plan Digital Marketing Apps

    1. Quora

    As a Q&A platform, Quora has deep reserves of knowledge and information which marketers can mine for all sorts of background research with material on all topics and subjects. But you can also ask questions, get reliable answers, and share your knowledge with others too.

    2. Trello

    If you’re part of a wider team or collaborating with others, Trello is a great tool for team organisation and productivity for any marketing project. By sharing customisable boards with cards and checklists, Trello connects projects and people so no one misses a thing.

    3. Dropbox and Google Drive

    The ultimate in file-sharing with colleagues and collaborators, both platforms offer ease of use and a streamlined user experience. Both platforms offer the same thing and allow whole teams to remotely log in and share and store files quickly, easily, and efficiently. Both offer free low storage data plans (2GB for Dropbox and 15GB for Google Drive) and paid plans for additional storage.

    4. Evernote

    Much more than a basic note-taking app, marketers can write and collect notes on the move and share them with colleagues on any device. The ability to add web pages, PDFs, screengrabs, photos, text and more to your notes makes it super handy for grabbing all important info and data on the move. Plus it syncs with your Evernote app on other devices too.

    5. Hootsuite and Buffer

    Social media is a major player in digital marketing and is essential for every company. Both Hootsuite and Buffer are serious cross-platform, multi-device, social media management schedulers, letting you create and schedule all your social media posts, for all your social channels, in advance. 

    After a free trial, Hootsuite offers four paid plans for up to 50 social media accounts, while Buffer offers a free version, plus three paid plans for up to 25 social media profiles or accounts.

    6. Mailchimp

    Email marketing is the fastest way to reach a global audience, with marketers seeing a potential 760% increase in revenue through segmented campaigns. To help you achieve those numbers, Mailchimp offers easy to use email marketing software and a range of digital tools with plans and pricing to suit. The free plan allows you to send up to 2,000 subscribers with the option to upgrade.

    7. Google Analytics

    To help build a digital marketing strategy for yourself or your customers, Google Analytics is more than just an analytical tool to measure site traffic. It’s a powerful suite of tools that give you crucial insights and data on the performance of any website so you can improve it and get the best out of your content. ‘Essential’ is an understatement – and it’s free.

    8. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

    Paid advertising on Google and Microsoft platforms is big business, offering you an extended reach and business growth while tracking your ROI. Both of these digital marketing giants allow you to increase site visits, conversions, and revenue with local, national, or international targeted search engine ads for any budget.

    9. Facebook Business Suite

    If you’re using the Facebook or Instagram platforms for social media marketing, the Facebook Business Suite lets you manage all your connected accounts. Big players in digital marketing, this free suite of tools makes it easier to create posts, view activity, and read and respond to messages all in one place.

    10. Facebook Ads Manager

    Helping you stay connected with every ad campaign you’re running on Facebook or Instagram is easy with this free, cross-platform app for phones and tablets. You can create and edit ads on the go and get real-time insights and notifications too.

    11. Canva and Adobe Spark

    For eye-catching content marketing and social content, you can’t go wrong with these two apps. With pre-sized templates for images, videos, animations and more, you’re given all the tools you need to create, edit, and share content wherever you are. And you can collaborate with others in your team too. 

    12. Grammarly Keyboard

    Accuracy is key in digital marketing and especially for any written content you publish. Grammarly scans your words and corrects any typos, grammar, and mistakes as you go. And it works seamlessly with other apps too, helping you deliver clear and effective emails, texts, blogs, and social posts. 

    13. Slack

    For easy, collaborative comms, Slack is one of the best. By connecting everyone, from a handful of individuals to full teams, Slack lets the right people communicate quickly and effectively to keep your project on track. From sharing or editing docs to workflow integration, direct messaging, and even making calls, Slack brings everything and everyone together in one place.

    14. Zoom and Skype

    Video conferencing used to be clunky and expensive. Now it’s easy and free. While Skype has been around longer, Zoom’s reputation has skyrocketed, but both offer stable and secure video calls with a ton of features thrown in, including breakout rooms, screen sharing, subtitles, call recording, and chat. All you need is a wifi or data connection and you can instantly meet and collaborate wherever you are.

    15. Clockify

    It’s easy to lose track of how much time you spend on a project. But Clockify is a simple and effective time tracker and timesheet app that lets you keep track of hours worked by logging them automatically or manually for every project, boosting your productivity. You can also add team members, different projects, and get reports. 

    16. Loom

    Loom video messaging gives you a more effective way to communicate with team members and collaborators. Rather than explain something through email or by telephone, Loom lets you show people. By recording your camera, microphone, and desktop all at the same time, you can give explainer videos quickly and easily, then share them instantly.

    17. Pocket

    Any digital marketer needs to read a lot of content to stay on top of the latest trends, and Pocket lets you grab the best of it and save it into your own library. Saving any kind of article, web page, or video from any website or app, Pocket transforms each of them into a clean, clutter-free, and customisable format to read anytime, online or offline. And the ‘Listen’ feature also lets you hear articles too.  

    18. Google My Business & Bing Places

    Getting your and your client’s business to stand out and cut through the noise of a crowded, local marketplace is half the battle in today’s digital world. But two of the biggest names in online search help you do it easily and effectively to increase reach and growth for free. Both apps give you essential tools to help attract and engage customers with photos and offers, as well as manage your listing and respond to messages and reviews. 

    19. Microsoft Office

    The MS Office suite of applications has been around and available for Mac and PC desktops for decades. Now the Microsoft Office app for iOS and Android devices combines Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps for you all in one, multi-purpose, user-friendly platform. All the productivity you need wherever you are with full security and cloud storage built-in.

    20. WordPress

    The world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform for hosting websites, WordPress is used for over 75m websites globally. The WordPress mobile app lets you upload images, edit and schedule posts and pages, respond to blog post comments, receive real-time notifications and analytics, and manage your entire website from the palm of your hand. 

    So there you have it – our cream of the crop and 20 of the best apps for digital marketing professionals you can get. To make sure your business is ready for anything, a watertight digital marketing strategy is essential. And using some or all of these free digital marketing apps means you’ll have the right – and the best – tools at the right time to help you succeed.

    If you’re looking to take your business to the next level with an increased online presence, then why not take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation call today. We can discuss your online marketing aims and objectives and see if we are a good fit in helping you achieve them.

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