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So many businesses now have websites, but surprisngly most of these website owners have no idea of how well their website is performing. A website is a marketing tool and like all marketing methods, it needs to be fully measureable. If you cannot measure the success of your marketing efforts, you won’t know if you are wasting your time and money.

There are many tools on the Internet, most of them being free, to help a website owner monitor whether or not their website is working properly. Website analytics software can help determine which areas of a site is the most popular, and which areas generate the least traffic. The amount of data you can gather is almost endless and by studying and reacting to this data, you can streamline your website to create a better user experience.

Using Google Analytics

One of the most popular and successful website analytics software being used today is Google Analytics. This is offered free by Google and generates detailed statistics about a websites traffic sources, conversions and sales.

Although Google Analytics is free to use, being able to understand and know how to react to the data it gives you, is a skill in itself. Their software can track visitors from search engines, social networks, direct visits, referring sites, not to mention displaying advertising methods such as pay per click campaigns, email marketing and external link sources. The list goes on and on, so it is worth having a professional Internet marketer manage your analytics account to make sure you are utilising the information to the fullest.

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Here at Improve Position, we are experts in Google Analytics and have an excellent track record of understanding and using their data to improve the performance of our client’s websites. Not only do we use their software to closely monitor your visitor and traffic behaviour, but we also use goal tracking to understand how people use your site.

A restaurant owner, for example, needs to know how many people are looking at the menu outside and leaving, how many come in for a drink, and how many order a full dinner with dessert. Goal tracking with Google Analytics works in this same way, giving you the answers to some of the most important business performing questions.


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Some of the questions we can answer with Website Analytics and Goal Tracking include:

  • Is social media bringing in paying customers?
  • Are your blog posts interesting enough and generating traffic?
  • What content on your site is producing the most leads?
  • How many web enquiries are you getting?
  • How many people successfully signup to your newsletter?

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