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Twitter is the second largest social network in the world and is especially popular among businesses and the media. Over 500 million users actively use Twitter on a daily basis, sending out more than 340 million tweets and carrying out 1.6 billion search queries. If your business is not already on Twitter, then you are missing a fantastic marketing opportunity.

How To Use Twitter For Business

Twitter is a simple, micro-blogging platform that is designed to do one thing: to get your message out there and be noticed by as many people as possible.

Each post, or ‘tweet’ can only be 140 characters or less – this keeps the entire social networking site quick, easy and fast loading. This also means that how you word your ‘tweets’ is important and requires a lot of thought and skill. Making them as short as possible, whilst ensuring that they are eye-catching and relevant, is vital. It is a great way to build your business profile and a successful way to build traffic to your website.

Most people who have used Twitter for business experience one major problem; if not done correctly, Twitter can become one of the biggest timewasters out there. With millions of ‘spam’ accounts and new ‘tweets’ being posted every few seconds, ensuring that the right people are seeing your ‘tweets’ is extremely difficult.

Having the right skills and experience in Twitter management makes all the difference. Not only will it ensure you are not wasting time, but it will allow you to closely monitor your brands influence. Fully understanding the correct use of ‘hashtags’ and ‘trends’ will allow you to monitor your competitors and find out what people are saying about you. This gives you the chance to respond to anything positive, or negative, that someone might say about your brand, services or staff.

Professional Twitter Management

Here at Improve Position, we have an entire online marketing team dedicated to professional Twitter management. Not only do we have years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t, we can also apply this knowledge to any Twitter profile, in any industry.

When choosing us to manage your Twitter account, you can expect the following:

  • We enhance your brand exposure.
  • We establish you as an authority in your niche.
  • We monitor your competitors and react accordingly.
  • We keep your followers updated daily on news and information.
  • We integrate your blog into your Twitter profile.
  • We build a link building strategy into your ‘tweets’.
  • We fully monitor click-through rates and provide statistic reports.
  • We boost high quality traffic to your website.

On top of all of this, the main thing we do is help you save time. Twitter is one of the most time consuming networks. If you are not posting every couple of hours, your ‘tweets’ will never get noticed. Taking time out of your day to do this successfully is highly unlikely for any business. This is where our professional Twitter management services can help.

Let The Social Media Experts Help

Here at Improve Position, we offer a range of Twitter management services, from simply helping you gain some additional followers, to fully managing all aspects of your account on a daily basis. Whatever your business needs, we can help you succeed.

Full Campaign Management

With our full campaign management, we take care of everything; from setting up your account, increasing your followers, posting regular tweets to monitoring the number of click-throughs you receive. We will even send you a monthly report via email which will show you how you are performing and the value being added to your website.

Below are just some of the benefits of our full campaign management service for your business Twitter account:

  • Design and populate your Twitter account.
  • Integrate your business blog.
  • Follow relevant and influential users.
  • Engage with your followers on a regular basis.
  • Tweet your special offers, news and promotions.
  • Build targeted lists.
  • Monitor your campaign performance.
  • Provide monthly reports on your progress.


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