WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) with around 50% of the world’s websites now running on it – not to mention being our personal favourite. This is mainly down to its ease of use and how much search engines love it when used correctly. In these articles, we will show you how to correctly setup various elements of the WordPress system to make sure you are using it to the fullest.

WordPress HTTPS Redirect

WordPress HTTPS Redirect Guide

In this WordPress HTTPS redirect guide, I will show you how to quickly switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS using a WordPress…
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WordPress Categories And Tags

How To Setup WordPress Categories And Tags Correctly

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms out there. However, when it comes to WordPress categories and tags, most website owners get…
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Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking For WooCommerce

If you are running a website for your business, Google Analytics is the best website analytics tool available to know how well it…
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Google Analytics Event Tracking

How To Setup Google Analytics Event Tracking

In this post, I will show you how to set up goals in Google Analytics and how to set up Google Analytics Event…
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Yoast SEO Certification

Yoast SEO For WordPress Certification

Last month, I passed my Social Media Marketing Certification with Hootsuite Academy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, enabling me to take our social media…
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What Are Facebook Instant Articles

What Are Facebook Instant Articles?

What Are Facebook Instant Articles? Facebook Instant Articles is a publishing format specially developed for improved viewing of article content on Facebook’s mobile…
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Moving WordPress From A Subfolder

Moving WordPress From A Subfolder To The Main Root Directory

When it came to launching our website, one main thing we were stuck thinking about was what to write for our first blog…
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