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LinkedIn is the social network of choice for professionals and industry experts, so if your business focuses on B2B, this is definitely a network that you should be considering. In these posts, we talk about the benefits of LinkedIn and how you can use it as part of a successful marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Certification

Social Media Marketing Certification

I am pleased to announce that I passed my Social Media Marketing Certification on the 19th April 2017, which is an industry recognised credential from Hootsuite Academy. The training and certification are designed to develop fundamental social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement and drive real business results. What Is The Social Marketing Certification? The…
Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business

6 Ways That Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business

Social media is currently ‘booming’ and it is much more than a simple tool to help you keep in contact with your friends. Over 97% of all consumers research a brand or business online and social media is now the number one way to connect with new people. When you put these two facts together,…