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We write many articles based around website analytics, especially Google Analytics, which is our preferred way to track both visits and conversions on your website. Learn many tips and tricks on how to get the most from your analytics software to help you understand how your website is performing, and where it can be improved.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking For WooCommerce

If you are running a website for your business, Google Analytics is the best website analytics tool available to know how well it is performing. This is even truer if you run an eCommerce website, due to the advanced Google Analytics eCommerce tracking features that you can setup. In this post, I will give a…
Google Analytics Event Tracking

How To Setup Google Analytics Event Tracking

In this post, I will show you how to set up goals in Google Analytics and how to set up Google Analytics Event Tracking using the WordPress Events Plugin. Google Analytics is one of the best website analytics software out there. If you own a website, you shouldn’t be without it. It can tell you…
Understanding Google Analytics For Beginners

Understanding Google Analytics For Beginners

If you are looking for Google Analytics basics, then this article is for you. This is our guide to understanding Google Analytics for beginners, aimed to show you the most important data that every website owner should know. When it comes to understanding how your website is performing, there is no better tool than Google…
What Is Google Data Studio

What Is Google Data Studio?

What Is Google Data Studio? Are you asking what is Google Data Studio or how to use Google Data Studio? Google Data Studio is a new tool from Google, currently in beta mode, which enables you to display your analytics data in beautiful and easy-to-understand reports. These reports are fully interactive and can be easily…
Removing Referral Spam From Google Analytics

Removing Referral Spam From Google Analytics

Are you wanting to know how to block referral traffic in Google Analytics? Almost everyone who uses Google Analytics will come across spam traffic in their statistics in one form or another. The most popular form of spam traffic is referral spam in Google Analytics. In this article, I will show you the process of…