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Every day, about 200 million people login to Facebook, spending an average of 14 minutes on the site, adding up to about seven hours per month! This high number of engaged users represents a huge potential advertising audience for your business.

Facebook PPC Management Services

Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site out there. In the UK alone, the predicted number of Facebook users is estimated at over 40 million people and these numbers are expected to grow to over 42 million by 2022.

Although Facebook is mainly used for social networking on a personal level, it has become an excellent marketing tool for businesses and brands, all over the world. 1.6 billion users worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook, which presents itself as a great opportunity to get your business in front of new customers.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Ever wondered why a social networking site as big as Facebook remains free to use? It is because they rely on their sponsored advertising programme, known as Facebook Ads, to generate the revenue needed to sustain and grow both their website and business. It is because businesses just like yours invest money into Facebook Ads, that we all benefit from free membership to the site.

Facebook Ads works in a very similar way to Google Ads, whereby it operates off of a pay-per-click model. This means you set a bid amount, indicating to Facebook how much you are willing to pay when someone takes action on your ad. Then, when someone does take action, you get charged that amount. Your bid amount dictates where and how often your ads are displayed, depending on competing bids from other ad users.

However, the advantage that Facebook Ads offers over Google Ads, is the level of targetting options available. With Google Ads, you simply choose the search terms that you want your ads to come up for and restrict the display of those ads by days, times and location. But, with Facebook Ads, you target individuals based on their demographics, interests and behaviours.

This means you can choose to display your ads to people of certain ages, their gender, their interests, their relationship status, their employment status...the list goes on. This makes Facebook Ads a highly targetted option when it comes to PPC, enabling your business to reach the exact people that you want to attract.

Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook Ads allows you to have a number of different objectives. Objectives help to clarify your goals for campaigns or even individual ads and are typically broken down into the following:

Awareness Objectives

The objective of these campaigns is to help increase overall awareness of your brand by reaching the people who will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

Consideration Objectives

The objective of these campaigns is to encourage engagement with your target audience. This can include app installs, traffic to your website, lead generation, messenger interactions, post reactions and video views.

Conversion Objectives

The objective of these campaigns is to get people to take action at the bottom of the marketing funnel. This can include purchases, registrations, physical store visits and catalogue sales.

To find out more about the different objectives available with Facebook Ads, visit Facebook Ad Objectives.

Where Facebook Ads Get Displayed

When it comes to getting your ads displayed, Facebook Ads offers more choices than simply just Facebook. The Facebook Ads platform gives you the opportunity to have your ads placed on a number of different mediums across the Facebook Audience Network. This includes:


Have your ads show on Facebook in feeds, the right column, instant articles, in-stream video, stories or the marketplace.


Have your ads show on Instagram in feeds, both for mobile and desktop, as well as people's stories when they are browsing stories.


Have your ads show on Facebook Messenger in people's inbox, sponsored messages that are delivered directly to people and stories.

Audience Network

Have your ads show on third-party apps and websites in the Audience Network, including banner ads, interstitial ads and native ads.

To find out more about the different locations your Facebook Ads can be shown, visit Facebook Ad Placements.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Dan Summers
Dan S.
17:26 05 Sep 19
I've worked with Improve Position both as a client on my own company's website and as a trusted partner on my studios clients projects. I can't fault the professionalism, attention to detail and amount of time given to explaining details in both roles. Having been working with Mike for almost 15 years I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for help with their SEO or website construction.
Dan Summers
Dan S.
17:17 05 Sep 19
Having worked with Michael for almost 15 years, initially on a site for my racing back in 2004 and since then three iterations of my company's website, I can faithfully recommend him to anyone looking for both SEO work and website construction. His attention to detail and amount of time given to his clients is second to none. Looking forward to the next 15 years!
matthew meyers
matthew M.
07:33 07 May 19
Fantastic service and product, couldn't be happier. Great customer service the whole way. I would highly recommend this company.
David Meyers
David M.
15:43 01 Apr 19
Improve Position created a website and logo for me and I could not be happier with the results.The project was better than the brief I gave, on budget and in well within the timeframes outlined at the start.Mike and his team are polite, friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble, always going that extra mile to get me a perfect result.I even had to call Mike late at night one evening because of my own timetable and Mike didn’t hesitate to take the call and talk me through everything.I will be looking to use Improve Positions SEO services in future too as the website build was that impressive.
Nox Entertainment
Nox E.
15:30 29 Mar 19
Michael was extremely helpful and patient, helping us with various website and SEO improvements. As a small business, we appreciated the 1:1 assistance and will definitely be back!

Professional Facebook Ads Management

Here at Improve Position, we understand that to get the most out of Facebook Ads, you need to have advanced knowledge of the platform and have the time to devote to it. But, in today’s busy world, time is money and your time is better spent taking care of your business. That is where our professional Facebook Ads management service can help.

When trusting us to manage your Facebook PPC adverts, you can be confident that your campaigns will be set up to target the right audience. They will be closely monitored, on a daily basis, to make sure your costs stay as low as possible, whilst your return is as high as it can be. Facebook continuously tracks the activity on your page and our team of online marketing professionals know exactly how to use this data to your advantage.

Although Facebook is the most widely used social network, some businesses can benefit from running sponsored ads on other social networking platforms, depending on where their target audience spends their time. So, we can also advise and run paid ads on the following:

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Pinterest Ads

YouTube Ads

For more information on our Facebook Ads Management service, get in touch with us today and we can talk you through your options, advise on the kind of budget you would need and the management costs involved.

Facebook Ads Report Screenshot

Real-Time & Interactive Reporting

Presenting you with monthly reports on the progress of your campaign is one of the most crucial steps we take. It is vitally important to us that you do not just see the work we do, but that you see and understand the results it brings for your business.

Although Facebook Ads comes with its own insights reporting tool, we understand that by default, it either gives too little information, too much information or even worse, information that isn't really useful to the client. That is why we take reporting to the next level. All our reports are custom-built and unique for the needs of each individual client using Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio allows us to pull data from Facebook Ads and display it in the most useful way. The reports continuously update in real-time and are fully interactive, which means they can be used at any point to segment and analyse aspects of your campaign's performance such as costs, impressions, clicks, actions, devices, age and gender breakdown and conversion trends.

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