Search engine optimisation (SEO)

On average, 70% of a website's traffic will come from organic search, so if you want to reach more customers online, it is imperative that you come up for the search terms your customers are using. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps you reach the right customers for increased traffic, leads and sales.

The Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

Here at Improve Position Ltd, our main area of expertise is Search Engine Optimisation and we love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed in their business as a direct result of the SEO work we do. Our SEO services are conversion driven, which means our aim is not to simply get your website to the top of the search results for a small number of keywords, but it is to ensure you are getting an increasing number of visits, leads and sales from the increased visibility our services provide.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

If you are reading this page, we would assume that you already know what SEO is and have some idea of how your business can benefit from it. But, for those that don't know, SEO is an on-going marketing technique that helps drive high-quality traffic to your website from search engines, like Google (which currently makes up 80-90% of the search market), 'natural' or un-paid search results.

When we say high-quality traffic, we mean traffic that is more likely to convert into actual revenue for your business. SEO helps to generate this traffic by giving you increased visibility for the search terms (keywords) these high-quality visitors are typing into the likes of Google to find the products and services you are offering.

As the world of the web is forever changing and evolving, so should SEO - it can never be a one-off process. Google crawls the web daily and as they find new or modified content to add to their index, they continuously shift the search results around. This means you could be ranking position 1 for a keyword today, but this does not mean you will be there tomorrow.

Many people assume that if they are not ranking at the top of the search results, they are doing something wrong. And, although this could be the case, it could also just be the fact that your competitors are doing something right. SEO is an on-going strategy that involves keeping a close eye on what the search engines and your online competitors are doing, and making both on-page and off-page improvements to keep your website competitive.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the first half of a successful SEO strategy and looks at the website itself. In order for a website to get into Google's good books, it needs to be crawlable, free from errors, displays and loads perfectly on any device, has high-quality content that is engaging and generally fulfils the intent of the visitor.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the second half of a successful SEO strategy and looks at everything outside of the website that can impact search performance. This can include the number and quality of external websites linking to the site, positive social media signals, brand reputation, PR and influencer marketing.

To find out more about how SEO works and the impact it can have on your business, read of our article on how SEO can help my business.

What Our SEO Service Offers

Our SEO service focuses on the highest of quality in both the work we do and the personal service we provide. Our expertise in all areas of search marketing makes us the ideal choice and our outstanding track record gives us the knowledge and experience in knowing how to develop and implement a strategy that generates the highest return on investment. This will typically include a mixture of the following:

Keyword & Market Research

Website Auditing

On-Page Optimisation

Citation Building & Management

Brand Reputation Management

Backlink Auditing & Outreach

Content Marketing & PR

Social Media Promotion

When you choose us for your search marketing requirements, you will work closely with our director who will also become your own personal account manager. He will be your single point of contact and will work hard to ensure you are kept in the loop every step of the way, as well as being available to answer any questions you may have.

One thing that we are extremely proud of is the level of transparency our services go to. We understand that there is a lot of misconception in the SEO industry in regards to the level of work required. This is down to the fact that most agencies will not disclose their processes to their clients, leaving them in the dark on what is actually being done for the money they are paying.

We set out to change this by involving our clients at every step of the process. We are so passionate about you being involved that we even give you access to our own custom-built project management system where you can see how your campaign is broken down and the work that we are doing in real-time.

Read on to find out about the results we have achieved, how our SEO services are unique and why we are the best at what we do.

Reviews That Speak For Themselves

Claire Rich
Claire R.
09:51 06 Feb 20
I have been using Mike's services for Website and SEO for around 5 years now and can honestly say he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Mike is a true professional who really knows his stuff. We have worked on many projects together and he is always willing to explain things in a clear, concise way. He is a great Project Manager who is honest, reliable and trustworthy in an industry where there are plenty ready to take your money and do very little! Mike has good attention to detail, nothing is ever too much trouble and he always gets the job done. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs a true Expert to make a complex subject such as SEO simple and to deliver a great service.
Matt Rowan
Matt R.
18:40 04 Nov 19
Improve Position have been a long term collaboration with us, and I highly recommend them for continued SEO and digital marketing services. Their close relationship with clients, and level of detail and advice make them really stand out. In short they passionately care about the work they produce and about the success of their clients.
Dan Summers
Dan S.
17:26 05 Sep 19
I've worked with Improve Position both as a client on my own company's website and as a trusted partner on my studios clients projects. I can't fault the professionalism, attention to detail and amount of time given to explaining details in both roles. Having been working with Mike for almost 15 years I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for help with their SEO or website construction.
Dan Summers
Dan S.
17:17 05 Sep 19
Having worked with Michael for almost 15 years, initially on a site for my racing back in 2004 and since then three iterations of my company's website, I can faithfully recommend him to anyone looking for both SEO work and website construction. His attention to detail and amount of time given to his clients is second to none. Looking forward to the next 15 years!
matthew meyers
matthew M.
07:33 07 May 19
Fantastic service and product, couldn't be happier. Great customer service the whole way. I would highly recommend this company.

Project Management Screenshot

100% Transparent Project Management

Our custom-built project management system is what really sets our agency apart from everyone else. Built in Google Drive, we start day 1 of your campaign by mapping out a 12-month plan. This involves a complete breakdown of daily tasks that we will undertake to reach deliverables and milestones we set.

Once your project plan has been created, we then create you your own shared folder in Google Drive that includes a workbook file in Google Sheets. Our central system will then 'push' your campaign tasks and deliverables through to your own workbook, so you can see what work has been done, what work is being done and what work will be done with real-time status updates.

As well as tasks and deliverables, your workbook file will show actions that need to be taken on your account, either by us or assigned to yourself, along with a full list of backlinks and content that we are creating on your behalf. As with the tasks and deliverables, everything is updated in real-time so, at any point, you can log in and see the progress of your campaign.

When we say we are different to all the other SEO agencies and passionate about you being kept in the loop at every step, we really do mean it. Our project management system allows us to achieve this by giving our clients the peace of mind that they are always in good hands.

Industry Leading Software For Data & Conversion Analysis

As well as using the most obvious software as part of your campaign, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google MyBusiness, we use some of the most advanced and industry-leading SEO software on the market, including SEMrush.

Tools like SEMrush power the SEO campaigns of some of the worlds largest companies, including eBay, Quora and Hewlett Packard and our team is fully trained and officially qualified by SEMrush themselves in our use of the software for our clients.

Having software of this magnitude at our disposal enables us to carry out vital tasks such as regular site auditing, position tracking, competitive intelligence, backlink auditing, social media promotion, content optimisation and PR.

SEMrush Certification Badge

One of the first steps of your campaign is to ensure all your website data is accurate and carry out a full website quality audit to understand your current situation and where improvements need to be made. We use Google Analytics to set up goal conversion tracking, so we can see what actions your visitors are taking on your website and how those visitors are finding you.

SEMrush Screenshot
Google Data Studio Screenshot

Real-Time & Interactive Reporting

Presenting you with monthly reports on the progress of your campaign is one of the most crucial steps we take. It is vitally important to us that you do not just see the work we do, but that you see and understand the results it brings for your business.

Any professional SEO software will enable an agency to run automated reports and almost all SEO agencies will do just that. However, we take reporting to the next level.

We understand that there is no perfect SEO reporting tool out there. They either give too little information, too much information or even worse, information that isn't really useful to the client. That is why all our reports are custom-built and unique for the needs of each individual client using Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio allows us to pull data from the likes of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google MyBusiness, Google Ads and SEMrush and display it in the most useful way. The reports continuously update in real-time and are fully interactive, which means they can be used at any point to segment and analyse aspects of your website's performance such as keyword ranking positions, website visits, traffic sources and conversion trends.

What Our SEO Service Costs

As you can see, SEO is a very in-depth and complex service. When carried out correctly, SEO is a full-time job so if you are considering to outsource this area of your marketing, you should have a budget in mind that is equivalent to employing a full-time marketing expert, in-house.

Search marketing is actually one of the most labour intensive and costly forms of marketing, but the returns you can get from it will far outweigh any other marketing method. Web marketing is the only form of marketing that enables you to fully track ROI and requires a huge amount of patients due to it being a long-term investment.

If you are considering SEO for your business as a way to win new business quickly, then SEO will not be right for you. Some businesses see results in 3 months, some in 6 months and others may need to wait more than 12 months before they get any return from their spend. It all comes down to your market and how competitive it is. However, if you are serious about growing your business online over months and years, rather than days and weeks, we can definitely help.

We do not aim to be the cheapest SEO agency out there - our aim is to simply be the best! Our SEO services focus on the highest quality and expertise with a personalised service that goes well beyond that of other larger agencies.

In order to give you a quote, we firstly like to discuss your business with you and do some background research on the current performance of your website. After doing some market analysis, we are able to see where your online marketing is under-performing and what strategies need to be put in place to get you where you need to be.

Are You A Small Business With A Limited Budget?

Then Take A Look At Our SEO Packages For Smaller Businesses

We understand that smaller businesses find it hard to afford bespoke SEO services that are 100% white-hat. However, we feel that SEO should be made available to everyone, no matter the size of your business.

Therefore, if you have a small business website and budget is a concern for you, then we have created 3 off-the-shelf packages that cover all the basics of white-hat SEO.

Our SEO packages still provide the same level of quality and service, but offer a fixed amount of work each month for a fixed affordable price, all based around the size and authority of your website.

Are You An Agency That Wants To Offer SEO Services To Your Own Clients?

Then Take A Look At Our White Label SEO Reseller Packages

If you are looking to offer online marketing services to your clients but don't want the hassle of managing the workload yourself, then why not outsource to us?

We offer a range of white label SEO reseller packages and services, limited only to verified agencies that we accept to work with, allowing you to add on your own markup as an SEO reseller.

We undertake all work on your behalf, brand everything up to your business, and can deal with your customers directly under your company name.

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