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Backlinks to your website are still the most influential ranking factor when it comes to SEO. However, acquiring the wrong links can do more harm than good. We provide the right type of white hat links based on outreach campaigns that are tailored to your business.

White Hat Link Building Campaigns

Probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of any SEO campaign is link building. Google relies on links to be able to find and crawl web pages with each external link counting as a referral and hence a signal of trust. But, not all links are created equal and the wrong kind of links can lead to a Google penalty.

Google wants to promote websites and brands that people trust. The stronger your backlink profile, the more trustworthy and authoritative your website will be in the eyes of Google, which in turn, will enable it to rank for higher competition keywords. But you need to obtain links from other relevant websites that are already well respected by Google. Therefore, successful link building is all about quality over quantity.

Our link outreach and PR team are experts in getting your content placed on the right websites. We go far beyond domain authority and have secured hundreds of links for our clients from websites that have real rankings and real traffic. Our success is down to our 4-stage outreach and acquisition process which has resulted in explosive ranking gains for our customers.

Planning Your PR & Link Building Strategy

The first step of any successful marketing campaign is planning. Our dedicated link building and PR team will create a bespoke acquisition strategy, based around your market and objectives.

This strategy includes a full competitive landscape audit, existing backlink audits of yours and your competitor's websites and an outline of the outreach tactics will we use to secure your link placements.

Searching The Web For Your Ideal Prospects

Your link building strategy will dictate the type of links we will obtain and the types of websites they will be from. We use a mixture of our own proprietary tools and industry contacts to find the best prospects for your business.

Our in-house team manually vets each prospect, looking at various ranking and trust signals to ensure any link placement will add SEO value. This includes looking at the prospects domain authority score in Moz, their domain rating in Ahrefs, their Trust and Citation flow metrics from Majestic and their ranking history and estimated organic traffic levels from SEMush and Google.

Personalised Outreach That Gets Responses

Obtaining backlinks or exposure on top websites is not too difficult as long as you have the right value proposition. Our pitching method will depend on the niche but always gets a high response rate due to our successful methodology.

Our links come in all shapes and sizes including guest posts, niche editorial edits, product reviews, press release distributions, infographic outreach and media placements. We only obtain links from highly authoritative websites in the same niche as your own, ensuring you get maximum results from our efforts.

Ongoing Project Updates & Reporting

We have our own, custom-built, project management system that includes your own personalised workbook file that connects to our central project tracker. Within this workbook file, there is a dedicated section to link building where you can see in real-time the links that we have secured for you.

As well as listing out the links, we also provide you with all the important metrics to go with them, including domain authority, organic traffic levels, anchor text and any fees associated with the content and placements. We even go as far as manually monitoring each linking page to ensure it gets and remains indexed in Google's search results.


Results Other Agencies Can Only Dream Of

We have had the pleasure of working with many different businesses in a wide variety of industries to help them meet their aggressive online marketing goals. As a technically focused agency, we build our own proprietary tools that give our clients an edge in the market, generating results that other agencies can only dream of!

These screenshots show the overall increase in organic traffic that some of our clients have experienced.

520% Increase In Organic Traffic
600% Increase In Organic Traffic
900% Increase In Organic Traffic
733% Increase In Organic Traffic

Reviews That Speak For Themselves

Mark R.
Mark R.
18:11 25 Mar 21
I thoroughly recommend Michael at improve position he has helped my site go from strength to strength and explained how I could do this in simple language. Amazing work ethic and supremely skilled at what he does. Great company!
Anthony R.
Anthony R.
14:53 05 Jan 21
As an IT Business, we have utilised many SEO companies over the years which have been hit-and-miss with extortionate monthly costs.Improve Position has provided us with effective SEO at an affordable price since 2018.We find the service is personable, responsive and cost-effective. The monthly reports and stats are invaluable when keeping track of where we are in terms of ranking organically and what areas of the SEO are actually gaining the best results.We are grateful that we have finally found a UK based company that manages SEO who are always at hand to make changes and answers questions when required.
Paul R.
Paul R.
00:20 21 Mar 20
Improve Position has completely delivered everything I could have hoped for.Michael Hutton told me up front what he was going to plan to do.He delivered this.On time.On specification.Mike was easy to work with, responsive and he knows exactly what he is doing.If I need more work of the same, I will not be looking beyond Michael Hutton and Improve Position.Paul

Why Choose Us

Custom Tools For Transparent Link Management

Our custom-built link management system is what really sets our link building agency apart from everyone else. Managing hundreds of link placements for a wide range of clients is tough, so we needed a toolset that could scale with our service.

All our marketing services are built around transparent communication with our clients, which is where our link management system comes into its own.

Each client gets access to our system through their own workbook file and from this, they can see each and every link we have built, along with various metrics and associated costs.

In-Depth Link Monitoring For Maximum Results

Unlike other link outreach companies, when your link placement goes live with us, the service does not stop there. We use top industry tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to continuously monitor each and every link we build after it has gone live.

Simply having a backlink on another website does not mean that you will automatically receive SEO value from it. That link needs to come from a page that has been crawled and indexed by Google, as well as rank for its own keywords.

Once your links are live, we put the referring page into our link monitoring system to keep an eye on its organic performance. This includes tracking the keywords it ranks for, referral traffic it is sending to your site, social shares it is receiving and the number of backlinks it is obtaining.

We Get Real Results

We see explosive growth in both search engine rankings and organic traffic from our link outreach efforts, which is down to the quality of the placements we are able to secure.

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to any SEO or link building strategy, our industry experience enables us to make educated decisions on which kinds of backlinks will move the needle for our clients, compared to those that won't.

Just take a look through our case studies to see the excellent results that some of our clients have obtained by using our link outreach and PR services.

5 Star Reviewed Agency

Our agency has an ever-growing list of 5-star reviews on both Facebook and Google. Our personalised service goes far beyond just getting link placements, and this is backed up by the reviews we regularly receive from our happy customers.

Getting results from a link building strategy is important, but doing this whilst providing the very best in customer service is critical. Every client is a long-term relationship and we care about their success just as much as we do our own.

With over 130 clients on our books, we have been trusted by businesses across the whole of the UK, from local start-ups to national celebrities.

Frequently Asked Link Building Questions

How Much Does Your Link Building Service Cost?

There is no fixed answer to this question, as it will depend on the number and quality of links that you require, which will be different for every customer.

In order to provide you with a cost, we would need to do an audit of your existing backlinks and those of your top online competitors. From this, we can create a backlink gap analysis which will tell us how many links you need, the required velocity of those links and the metrics those links should have.

The type of link required will also affect the cost. For example, securing a guest post placement will cost more than an editorial edit as there would be an additional cost for the writing of the article.

Simply get in touch with us and we can do a free backlink gap analysis and provide you with a bespoke cost, based on your individual requirements.

How Does Your Link Building Pricing Work?

We charge a monthly retainer fee for our link outreach services, which is based upon the total number of estimated work hours over the life of your campaign.

This retainer covers the work required to build your link building strategy, perform ongoing prospecting and outreach and management of any secured placements.

We also add-on any expenses associated with each link we secure. These expenses typically cover things like content creation, for guest posts, or blogger sponsorship fees. We can either charge for these separately, or wrap them into one fixed monthly fee for ease.

Our link building fees are billed at the start of each month to retain our agency services for that month.

What Type Of Links Can I Expect?

The type of links you can expect will depend upon your budget, website, niche and your competitors backlink profile.

For example, a small local business can benefit from guest posts on other industry-related blogs, whereas an eCommerce website may benefit more from sponsored blogger posts to help push product sales.

Get in touch with us and we can do some background analysis to help advise you on the best types of links for your individual situation.

How Many Links Can I Expect Each Month?

The number of links you can expect each month comes down to your budget. The larger your budget, the more placements we can secure each month and the quicker you can expect results to come in.

We will carry out a free backlink gap analysis that will look at the number and velocity of your competitor's backlinks, comparing this to your own. From this, we can advise you on the ideal number of links you should be aiming for each month.

Do You Pay For The Links?

No, we do not pay for the links themselves. However, there are typically fees associated with those links which may come in the form of copywriting fees, sponsorship fees and obviously the time required to perform the prospecting and outreach.

Can I See Some Examples Of Links You Have Built?

Yes, of course. We are proud of the links we have secured for our clients and happy to share these on request.

However, feel free to take a quick look at the links below from some of our client campaigns:

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