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On average, around half of your potential customers will be viewing your website on a mobile device or searching for businesses like yours through a mobile search engine or app. If your website isn't optimised for this new technology, then you are already 10 steps behind!

Not only are more and more people now using mobile devices to search for products and services like yours, but the major search engines now use mobile-compatibility as a ranking signal. This means if a potential customer carries out a search on a mobile device, your website will only be shown if it has been built for mobile displays.

What Is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO, or Mobile Search Engine Optimisation, is as the name suggests; the process of optimising your website so it comes up in mobile search results. Having your website optimised for mobile used to be a nice bonus, but now this is more of a requirement that should be built into every website from the ground up. This is where a mobile marketing agency or mobile seo company can help using mobile SEO services.

How Important Are Mobile SEO Services?

According to the major search engines, such as Google, Mobile Search has grown massively over the past few years. Just a quick look at the traffic statistics in your Google Analytics will show you that around half of all website traffic now comes from a mobile device. As technology grows, society is now more likely to search for products and services when they are out and about in the day from their mobile or tablet, rather than when they are stuck in-front of their desktop computer in the evening. This powerful new technology allows people to find things in an instant, all in the palm of their hand.

With this in mind, and the fact that mobile technology will only continue to grow over future years with improvements in things like voice recognition, it makes sense to ensure your business is one of those at their fingertips. To promote the importance of this even further, Google have recently added mobile-compatabilty to the list of factors that determine where your site comes up in their search result pages. In fact, when a user searches Google using a mobile device, they will now see very different results to those shown if they searched from a desktop computer. Ensuring your website is mobile-compatible increases your chances of coming up in these mobile results, which a reputable mobile marketing agency can help you with.

Our Mobile Marketing Agency

Here at Improve Position, we understand the differences between mobile and desktop search, not just in user behaviour (as voice recognition often becomes preferred over typing) but also in geo-location and social media marketing. People want to find things, they want to find them now and they want results that are close and relevant to them. This is where our mobile seo company can help with our mobile SEO services.

Our mobile SEO services are fully comprehensive, focusing on various strategies to develop a winning formula. We look at everything; from mobile content marketing, improvements in website coding and structure (both for loading speed and mobile display), optimisation techniques, social strategies to location targeting.

Getting Started With Our Mobile SEO Company

Every website will be different, and therefore every mobile strategy will be different. But, no matter what your needs, our mobile seo company will help you to meet them. To get started, please complete the secure form below and one of our online marketing experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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