Online Reputation Management & Brand Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Ensuring that your company name or brand is in good standing online improves credibility and your customers trust in you. We help to eliminate any negative material found online and replace it with more positive material to keep your business marketing on-track.

The online world is a very big place with millions and millions of conversations happening every day across social media. Part of these conversations will involve businesses just like yours as when someone receives good service from a company, they shout about it. However, when someone receives bad service, they shout about it even louder!

Before the days of social media and the Internet in general, if someone had something bad to say, its impact was kept to a minimum as it could only spread directly through word of mouth. But now, due to the power of social media marketing, if someone has something negative to say, it can go viral to the entire world within a matter of minutes. For businesses, this can be devastating as it can damage your reputation and put-off any potential new customers.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management or brand reputation management is the process of crawling the Internet to find both positive and negative content related to a particular company or brand and responding in the companies best interest. If someone has posted something good about your business on a social media website, then thank that person and share their comments further. If someone has posted something negative, then see if the issue can be resolved or if the intent was purely malicious, see if you can get the content removed altogether. Monitoring what people are saying about you online, and managing that on an on-going basis, is vital for a positive online marketing strategy.

How To Carryout Social Brand Management

The process of brand reputation management is more complex than it first sounds. If you imagine for a second the number of social media websites out there. Then, add in the number of forum, review and blog websites. Before long, the list appears endless and you wouldn't know where to start when trying to see if anyone is talking about your business. Sure, you can carry out a search in a search engine such as Google and this may bring up some results, but this would be far from everything.

If you do manage to find conversations related to your brand, do you have the time to respond, or more importantly, do you have the time to keep on-top of any new conversations that arise? We can bet the answer is no, and this is where we come in with our social brand management service.

Improve Position not only has a range of industry experts on-hand, but we have specialist in-house software that is dedicated to crawling the web and finding each and every conversation that is related to your company name, your keywords or even your competitors. As part of our social brand management service, we regularly monitor these conversations and respond in your best interest - this can be acting on your behalf or as a third-party. The aim of our online reputation management service is to ensure that your brand is being portrayed in the most positive way to increase the chance of referrals.

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