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Google is the worlds most popular search engine, receiving several hundred million search queries every day. In 2011, Google announced the release of their own social media network, Google+. 

Anyone who has used the Internet knows exactly what Google is and most website owners understand that being high up the ranks of the Google Search results, will dramatically increase your chances of online success.

How Is Google+ Different?

As expected, when Google+ was first released, the reaction of most people was “it was just another Facebook”. On first impressions, you may think this is correct. But those who fully understand this new social network, knows that this assumption could not be further from the truth.

Google+ offers a wide range of benefits over all other social networks. Like Facebook and Twitter, you can post photos and regular status updates, but this is where the similarity ends. With Google+, you can create ‘circles’ which are categories that you can add people to. You can then limit your posts to certain ‘circles’, which means you can make your updates more relevant and targeted to particular groups of people.

A new feature that Google has added is called ‘communities’. By creating and joining communities, you can meet and interact with new people with similar interests. This adds tremendous value to business networking, reaching new people that you couldn’t reach before.

As well as all of the above, one major advantage of using Google+ for business is it is part of Google. Being part of the Google network means that everything you do on Google+ is picked up and influences your Google Search rank. The ‘+1’ feature that Google+ offers, allows Google to monitor the popularity of a website and business profile. This makes it extremely valuable in terms of quality link building and SEO.

Professional Google+ Management For Business

In late 2011, Google+ introduced Google+ Pages. Like Facebook Fan Pages, this unleashed a great opportunity for businesses, enabling them to build their brand across the network and expand their client base further.

Like all other social networks, making Google+ work for a business involves a lot of time and skill. Each network offers different benefits and how you use each network should always be different to another. Understanding exactly how you need to portray yourself and the best way of reaching potential customers is key.

Here at Improve Position, we have years of experience in professional Google+ management. Our team of online marketing experts understand the proper use of ‘hashtags’, ‘communities’, ‘hangouts’, ‘+1’s’ and a number of other unique features. But, not only do we know what these mean, but we also know exactly how to utilise these to grow your business, increase website visitors and generate conversions.

Full Campaign Management

With our full campaign management, we take care of everything; from setting up your Google+ business account, increasing the number of people in your ‘circles’, taking part in ‘community’ discussions, to monitoring the number of ‘+1’s’ to your website. We will even send you a monthly report via email which will show you how you are performing and the value being added to your brand.

Below are just some of the benefits of our full campaign management service for your Google+ business account:

  • Improved Quality In Search Results.
  • Changes How You Get Traffic.
  • Improves Your Site's Click-Through Rates.
  • Google +1 and Direct Connect.
  • Circles and User Segmentation.
  • Google Advertising Programs.
  • YouTube, Hangouts and Google TV Integration.
  • Third-Party Development Platforms.
  • Android Integration.
  • Community Involvement.
  • Google Local Integration.


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