Orion Consultancy

Orion Consultancy

Orion Consultancy is a leading expert in CoRE Leadership Skills Training and Business Consultancy, based in Exmouth, Devon, UK. They work with a wide-range of managers and industry professionals, transforming them into proficient leaders of their field. Their close working relationships with their customers enables them to develop the skills required to motivate workforces and improve team commitment, increasing both employee morale and business production.

Scott, the founder of Orion Consultancy, got in touch with Michael when he needed a new website. He knew he only had a small budget, but still needed something that was professional and could allow him to update the site with regular blog articles. WordPress was the answer! We took a pre-built theme and modified it to fit in with his brand, which enabled the project to stay within budget. The end result was a website that did everything they needed…plus more!

To take a look at their website, and to find out more about their services, please visit: www.orion-consultancy.com.


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