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Google Local Pack Update

Google Local Pack Update – What You Need To Know

What Is Google’s ‘Local Pack’? Google’s Local Pack is a list of local businesses that appear distinctly in the search engine results page…
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Facebook WhatsApp Deal

How Facebook’s WhatsApp Deal Compares to Other Acquisitions

On Wednesday 19th February 2014, Facebook announced that it will acquire the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, for $16 billion. Is WhatsApp really worth…
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Google Smart Contact Lens

Forget Smartphones Or Google Glass, Google Reveals The Smart Contact Lens For Diabetics!

As online marketing specialists and a big fan of anything technology related, we best know Google for their search engine, Chrome browser, android…
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Google PageRank Update

Google Updates Website PageRank Scores Before 2014

Early morning on the 6th December 2013, Google rolled out one of their latest updates to their Toolbar PageRank system. This has been…
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How Does Google Hummingbird Affect My Website

What Is Google Hummingbird and How Does It Affect My Website?

By now, every website owner knows the major changes that have gone on at Google over the last year or so. In one…
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