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Silverman Black is a property specialist and local estate agent based in Carshalton, Surrey. First established in 2010, they have many years experience in buying, selling and renting property throughout Surrey.
Page 1 of in Organic, Paid and Local results for 6 main keyphrases.
Custom goal tracking setup in Google Analytics to measure the return on investment.
ROI increase of 285% in visitors and 233% in online enquiries.


Recover their website position in Google for their main search terms after a huge drop caused by their previous SEO agency.


After our initial meeting with Silverman Black, and a few in-depth scans of their website, we revealed some major flaws and black-hat SEO techniques being used by their previous agency. Their website had gone from being on page 1 of Google, to not showing in the top 10 pages, which was causing a serious drop in online enquiries. The plan was to do a full link audit and cleanup any harmful links, put in a re-index request to Google and then build a new content, link and social strategy to get them back to the top.


First, we set them up with a competitive Google AdWords campaign to get them immediately back to the top of Google. This ensured that they were loosing no more valuable enquiries whilst the organic recovery work took place. Within the first month, we had found and removed all the harmful links and managed to get them back in the top 3 pages of Google's organic search results. We optimised and improved all the text content on their website, built a new blog section and started uploading regular articles. This was supported by a social media strategy and by month 3, they were back on page 1 for all their 6 main keyphrases. We now build on this by finding new keyword opportunities so their rankings improve month on month. So far, their monthly website enquiries have increased by 233% since we took over their online marketing and we look forward to this growing even more in the coming months.

Google Page 1

285% Visitor Increase

233% Enquiry Increase

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