10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

So, you’re here because you want to know if you really need a blog for your business website like everyone keeps telling you. The trouble is, you’re busy enough as it is, running your business and trying to have a life in your spare time. Is investing in a blog really worth all the extra effort?

The main answer to this question is yes because blogging isn’t going anywhere!

More importantly, it’s not something that should be seen as adding to what you’re doing. Blogging can be the most productive thing you do all day, and can even take the place of many of your daily tasks. You might need to step out of your comfort zone, but trust me–it’s worth it.

Our 10 Reasons For Having A Blog

1. Connects With Customers – if you’re a business owner, it’s a great way to connect with your customers. Compared to other, more formal ways of marketing, blogging is a personal, down-to-earth method of keeping your customers informed and in-the-know about your latest products or services.

2. Generates New Business – when it comes to finding new clients, never discount the marketing advantages of business blogging. If you do it right, you could be on to something. Many businesses bring in a large percentage of their revenue from blogging and blogging-related activities, and you could be one of them.

3. Increases Productivity – just because you’re writing every day on a blog, it doesn’t mean other things won’t get done. Blogging is an activity that can literally happen anywhere. It doesn’t usually take too long and can easily fit around your other daily activities. Writing can make you feel invigorated, energised and motivated, so can actually be a great way to boost your own productivity.

4 . Improves Organisation Skills – once you start realising what exactly it is you’re going to offer to people through your blog, you’ll start to prioritise your day differently. You’ll have comments to respond to, emails to answer, and social media promoting to do. But it is important to remember that this is all a valuable way to spend your day, as all of this is building a pipeline of targeted warm leads to your business.

5. Adds Value – a blog adds value to your business…period! When you create your blog articles, you are producing content for something that can be bought, sold, added to, reworked, and changed, but most importantly this content is a form of business asset. This asset is one that you own and control and can only ever add value in a positive sense.

6. Generates Awareness – blogs are the news vehicle of the future. I truly believe that blogging is the new form of news delivery, helping others to become aware of your brand. We will always have reporters and journalists, but the news and noteworthy stories of the day are now in our hands. A successful blog will put your business out there, promoting your knowledge for others to learn from.

7. Measures Success – blogs are a great way to measure the success of your business. However you choose to define your success, blogging can track it. You can search through your previous blog archives or do a specific search for a particular topic in the past – either way, you can see how your knowledge on a particular subject has grown over the months or years.

8. Accountability – this one is simple. Blogging is usually a public-facing event that we engage in with the sole purpose of gaining readership. These readers, while sometimes harsh, are for the most part very truthful. They’ll keep us focused on our published and public goals, and that alone is worth the asking price.

9. It’s The Norm – if you’re a business owner without a blog, you’re already behind, as everyone else is now doing it. If you’re an individual with something to say, get started saying it. You may not realise it, but there’s at least one other person in the world who needs the kind of expertise you have, no matter how trivial. Everywhere you look, there’s a blog, video feed, or YouTube channel dedicated to the obscure and random. Do us one better and create something worth sharing.

10. Boosts SEO – for a business, this is one of the most important reasons of all. Search engines love content and not just any old content. They love content that is new, always kept up-to-date, and that sparks engagement with the reader. By having a blog, you are literally saying to a search engine: “Look, here I am! This is what I know and why others choose to come to my website. This is why I am worthy of displaying in your search results.”

When it comes to business, the saying “you only get out what you put in” could not be truer. But, I also understand that finding the additional time and knowing what to write about is not always easy. Don’t forget that we do offer a content marketing service at the most competitive prices. Our professional writers can take all the pressure away and will make sure this vital marketing tool is always being utilised.

Michael Hutton

Michael is the founder and managing director of Improve Position with a strong background in both web development and technical SEO. His enthusiasm shines through with his passion to help others understand and succeed in the world of online business marketing.

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