how to create an email account in cpanel

How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

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    In this article, I will take you through the quick and easy steps of how to create an email account in CPanel.

    What Is CPanel?

    CPanel is the most widely used hosting control panel platform out there. If you have your own website, then there is a high chance that your web hosting runs on CPanel.

    Hosting Emails With CPanel

    One of the many features that CPanel includes is emails. Although we typically advise clients to have their emails and website hosted separately, for security and performance reasons, there are many situations where having them hosted together can be advantageous.

    If you are a small business or individual who is not sending and receiving massive amounts of emails every day, then having your mail account hosted with your website can be a great way to save money and hassle.

    By hosting them together, you get the benefit of having your emails at your primary domain name, even if you have multiple domains. This is a lot more professional than using a free email account like or, without needing to invest in a paid email client solution like GSuite or Office 365.

    If your web hosting plan is based on CPanel, and you want to take advantage of the free email service it provides, this guide will help you set up your own email accounts in no time.

    How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

    The first thing to do is to log in to your CPanel account using the login credentials provided by your hosting company.

    You will then be greeted by the main CPanel dashboard where you will find a section labeled ‘Email’:

    How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

    From here, you can control all aspects of your emails. This includes setting up forwarders and autoresponders, creating mailing lists, adjusting your spam filter settings and a whole host of other features. Click on the ‘Email Accounts’ icon to be taken to the settings of your mailboxes.

    From the Email Accounts screen, you can add new email accounts, view, edit and access existing email account as well as set some advanced configuration options.

    Click on the tab labeled ‘Add Email Account’ to set up your new account:

    How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

    On this screen, you just simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to enter the email address, set a password (a password strength indicator will display to help you choose a secure password) and your mailbox quota.

    You can set your mailbox quota to anything you like, which will be limited by the amount of space you have on your hosting plan as a whole. So, if you set your quota to unlimited, that email account will be allowed to use all of the remaining space.

    For example, if your hosting comes with a total of 30GB of space and your website and files currently use 10GB, setting your one default email account to unlimited will give a maximum usage space of 20GB.

    You can create as many email accounts as your hosting package allows and, although we always select unlimited ourselves, restricting the quota for some users/accounts can be a good idea. This can ensure employees, etc, do not get carried away with using up your precious hosting space.

    Remember, if you or your users exceed the allocated amount of space, the email account will become locked out. So, it is a good idea to keep an eye on quota levels and try to not store large attachments and things of that nature on the server. It is best to pull off a copy of these and store them locally on your computer instead.

    Once you have input all the details, click the create account button to finish adding the email account.

    Accessing The Emails

    Once you have added all the email accounts that you want, you can access and edit the mailboxes from the ‘Email Accounts’ tab:

    How To Create An Email Account In CPanel

    CPanel comes with Webmail, an in-built platform for reading and sending emails in your Internet browser. You can access this by clicking ‘Access Webmail’ next to the account that you want to view. On this screen, you will also find steps that show you how to add your email account to your own devices.

    And that’s it…you are now ready to start sending mail!

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